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Category Archives: Juvenile Defense


What Are My Child’s Rights If They Are Questioned By The Police?

By Keith B. French Law |

The juvenile justice system in Texas is designed to provide somewhat more simplified procedures for handling delinquency cases than the regular criminal courts. At the same time, juveniles have the same constitutional rights as adults. This includes the right against self-incrimination. This right is especially important given that it is far too easy for… Read More »

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Can A Juvenile Be Charged With Felony Murder?

By Keith B. French Law |

Although the Texas juvenile justice system is designed to focus on the rehabilitation of youthful offenders rather than punishment, that does not stop prosecutors from “throwing the book” at a teenager accused of engaging in criminal activity that has harmed other people. Even in cases where there may have been no intent to injure–or… Read More »

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When Can A Juvenile Be Sent To Adult Court In Texas?

By Keith B. French Law |

In Texas, a “juvenile offender” is a person between the ages of 10 and 17 who have engaged in conduct that would be considered a criminal offense for an adult. Juveniles are tried in a separate court system where procedures tend to be less formal while still respecting the constitutional rights of the accused…. Read More »

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