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Category Archives: Assault Battery


Is Threatening Someone With A Knife A Felony?

By Keith B. French Law |

Criminal assault does not necessarily mean making physical contact with a victim. Indeed, the definition of assault under the Texas Penal Code includes “intentionally or knowingly threaten[ing] another with imminent bodily injury.” So merely threatening to strike someone in the face is assault even if no punch is ever thrown or makes contact. To… Read More »

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What Is Considered A “Serious Bodily Injury” In An Assault Case?

By Keith B. French Law |

The evidence in a criminal case often makes a crucial difference in how a defendant is charged. For example, the Texas Penal Code defines “aggravated assault” as a second-degree felony. An aggravated assault requires proof that the defendant either caused “serious bodily injury” to another person or used or exhibited a deadly weapon during… Read More »

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How A “Dating Relationship” Can Elevate Misdemeanor Assault To A Felony

By Keith B. French Law |

In Texas, assault is ordinarily a Class A misdemeanor. But prosecutors can bump the charge to a third-degree felony if the assault is an act of family violence (i.e., domestic violence). The felony charge requires prosecutors to establish two things beyond a reasonable doubt: The defendant committed the assault in question against a member… Read More »

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