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Violent Crime Lawyer Pearland TX

Violent Crime Lawyer Pearland, TX - Police DUI CheckpointIf someone is charging you with a violent crime, a trusted Pearland, TX violent crime lawyer understands that this is an incredibly difficult time. Simply facing these charges can mean that you are branded an outcast. You may be dealing with people’s assumptions and judgments before you ever get the chance to explain or defend yourself. This is why you need someone willing to step up to the plate for you and fight on your behalf. The team at Keith B. French Law, PLLC knows that these charges will change your life, not just personally but professionally. If convicted of a violent crime, you face the possibility of time behind bars as well as serious fines. You should not have to go through this on your own or feel that you need to self-represent when going to court. 

What are the different types of violent crimes? 

Violent crime in Texas can include many crimes. 

  • Kidnapping
  • Assault/aggravated assault
  • Robbery/aggravated robbery
  • Domestic violence
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter

When facing such serious charges, you are facing the punishments that go with them. This could include up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 for a second-degree felony, or life in prison without parole–even the death penalty–for a capital felony. When your life is truly on the line, you want to leave it in the hands of someone who believes “innocent until proven guilty.” You want a lawyer from Keith B. French Law, PLLC to be at your side to defend you. 

What are the possible defenses to violent crimes? 

Your lawyer will want to learn as much as possible about your case so that they can provide you with a defense that works for your situation. Your lawyer may use a defense like: 

  • You defended your property and used reasonable force to prevent someone from breaking into your home or vehicle. 
  • You did commit the act in question but it was justified because you did so to prevent injury to yourself or the public. 
  • You used force against the other party as a means of defense if they were attacking you–or you believed they would attack you–or someone else. 

These are just a few examples of how your Pearland violent crime lawyer may use a certain defense strategy during your court proceedings. 

Can’t I Just Defend Myself?

If you’ve been accused of criminal wrongdoing that is legally categorized as “violent,” it’s important to speak with an experienced Pearland, TX violent crime lawyer at Keith B. French Law, PLLC before committing to the idea of representing yourself. Our firm offers risk-free, confidential case evaluations to anyone who is facing criminal charges because we believe that everyone deserves to understand their rights and options, how to ensure that their rights are protected, and how to exercise their options most effectively.

The reality of the situation is that self-represented defendants succeed in defending themselves only on extraordinarily rare occasions. Prosecutors are determined to protect their win-loss rates. Even if these significant obstacle didn’t stand in the way of self-represented defendants, there is no question that the criminal justice system is incredibly complex. It is tough to mount a successful defense even when you have the most reputable and talented Pearland violent crime lawyer team available on your side. Imagine how much tougher it is to secure a win with a “DIY” approach.

It may – very understandably – seem tempting to represent yourself. Legal fees can be costly and you may be in a dire financial situation as it is. But consider what is likely to happen in the event that you represent yourself. Statistically speaking, you’re almost guaranteed to be convicted of the charges against you. Because you’ll have been convicted of “violent crime” charges, you’ll almost certainly be sentenced to a term of imprisonment. During that time, you won’t be able to work and you won’t be paying your bills. When you get out, you’ll have a criminal record and securing new employment will be extremely difficult. It is very likely that incurring legal costs now will be far, far less expensive than the costs associated with being convicted.

What About Civil Liability?

As the Pearland violent crime lawyer team at Keith B. French Law, PLLC can explain in greater detail during your consultation, the outcome of your criminal case will not affect the ability of your victim – or, if they are deceased, their estate or surviving loved ones – to file a lawsuit against you in civil court.

In America, the civil justice system and the criminal justice system are separate. Their cases are tried under different standards of proof. It is far more difficult to meet the standard of proof in a criminal case than it is in a civil case. Partially for this reason, you’ll want to build the strongest criminal defense case possible in an effort to have strong arguments at your disposal if and when a civil case is filed against you.

Note that if you lose your criminal case, you’ll be facing imprisonment and a criminal record, in addition to fines, a term of supervision, etc. In a civil context, you can only be held accountable financially. Of the two cases that you could be potentially facing, your criminal case is the more immediately urgent.


Help When You Are Facing Manslaughter Charges

If someone is accusing you of manslaughter, you may quickly realize that the future you have worked hard for may never come true. Manslaughter is only one type of violent crime and if you are being accused of manslaughter, you need to ensure you have a legal defense team that understands the details of your case and knows what kind of defense would work best. Manslaughter is a broad category under Texas law. This could mean someone is accusing you of manslaughter because you were defending yourself when someone else attacked you or you may have accidentally hit someone when you were driving your car. 


Defenses to Manslaughter

You will want to work with a lawyer as soon as you have been charged with a violent crime, like manslaughter, so that your lawyer can begin learning which defense makes the most sense. Especially concerning a violent crime, like manslaughter, you do not want to leave the rest of your life up to chance. It is crucial that you work with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who can walk you through what to expect and know how to appropriately defend you. 

  • Self-Defense. As mentioned above, one of the most common defenses to manslaughter charges is self-defense. This means that you did not go out and seek to harm anyone or cause their death. Instead, in Texas, you have the right to defend yourself using deadly force if it is reasonable. This means if you believe that someone will seriously harm you or kill you, you can use deadly force as a means of protection. 
  • Crime of Passion. This is known as a “heat of the moment” defense and happens when you do admit to killing someone but that you did so because you were completely overwhelmed with emotion and passion at the time everything took place. While this defense is not used to get you off of your charges entirely, you can use it when you want to reduce murder charges to manslaughter charges. 
  • Insanity. This defense is not common and should only be used under very specific circumstances. Your lawyer will need to gather experts who can prove that you were legally insane at the time when the killing occurred. This means that given your mental state, you had difficulty knowing the difference between right and wrong and this led to the killing. If a Texas court rules in your favor regarding an insanity plea, you will not be convicted of manslaughter. 

Call Us When You Need a Violent Crimes Lawyer

When it comes to a violent crime like this, it is up to the prosecution to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are guilty. Working with a criminal defense lawyer will mean you have someone on your team who can strategize, who understands how the court system operates, and who knows what route to go when it comes to your defense. If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule your consultation with us, please give our office a call. 

Give Our Office A Call Now

When facing violent crime charges, you need to turn to someone who will defend you and fight on your behalf. It is easy for people who are facing these charges to feel like it is suddenly them against the world. You may feel that you have nowhere to turn and that you are unable to defend yourself. However, you should know that when you are facing violent crime charges you have someone who is waiting to build a defense case on your behalf. When you are ready, call Keith B. French Law, PLLC to speak with our Pearland violent crime lawyer now. 

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