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Business Fraud Lawyer Pearland, TX

Business Fraud Lawyer Pearland, TX - Office paperwork real estate concept at working table desk.If your business has been harmed by the fraudulent actions of another party, you may want to consult a Pearland, TX business fraud attorney. You may be eligible for legal recourse. At Keith B. French Law, PLLC., we represent businesses in fraud claims and understand what you’re going through. We can help your business obtain fair compensation and provide representation in court.



Establishing Business Fraud

Business fraud occurs when a party commits dishonest acts that causes harm to a business. In order to have a valid fraud claim, the following must be established:

  • One party knows that a fact is untrue
  • The party misrepresents the false information to another party
  • The second party depends on the false information and suffers harm because of it

Common Types of Business Fraud

No matter what type of business you run, it’s important to always keep an eye out for fraudulent activity. Business fraud can cost your company a lot of money and may even hurt its reputation. If you suspect fraud, you should consult a Jackson, MS business fraud attorney from Keith B. French Law, PLLC.

Here are common types of business fraud to watch out for.


  • Reissuing checks. If your business has a lot of employees, you will issue many checks throughout the years. There’s a possibility that some of the older checks may not get cashed. Some employees may attempt to re-issue these checks in their own name. To prevent this type of fraud, you may consider requiring two signatures on business checks.
  • Skimming. Skimming occurs when people take a business’s cash before entering it into an accounting system. It goes unreported on a company’s accounting records. A Pearland business fraud attorney may advise business owners to require their employees to enter each sale into a register that creates a written record of the transaction.
  • Illegal billing invoices. Employees who are able to enter invoices and then write checks to pay for them may attempt to create invoices for goods or services that were never received. They might then write a check to pay for those invoices and then cash it themselves. A Jackson business fraud attorney may advise businesses to never allow just one person to have complete control over invoices.
  • False expense reports. Some employees who have to submit their own expense reimbursement forms may say that they paid more than what they actually did for products and services. An easy way to keep this from happening is to require your employees to provide receipts before you reimburse them. It is also wise to review reimbursement reports and ask employees for more information if something seems off.

Getting Legal Assistance for Business Fraud

If you are a victim of business fraud, you likely feel confused and overwhelmed. It is in your best interest to obtain legal advice from a qualified Pearland business fraud attorney. He or she can help your business get justice.

Schedule a consultation with a Jackson business fraud attorney from Keith B. French Law, PLLC today.

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