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Defending Against Insurance Fraud Claims In Texas

By Keith B. French Law |

If you are dealing with an insurance claim to recover after a covered loss, that process can be difficult and time-consuming enough. If a mistake or error is made in the insurance claim process, that can lead to even bigger problems – including allegations of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud occurs when the insured makes… Read More »

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What Are The Penalties For Insurance Fraud In Texas?

By Keith B. French Law |

One of the most common white collar crimes prosecuted in Texas is insurance fraud. The state Penal Code defines insurance fraud as the act of filing a statement containing “false or misleading material information” to an insurance company with the intent to “defraud or deceive.” In layperson’s terms, if you lie to your insurance… Read More »

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Texas Court Sentences Man To 20 Years In Prison For Fraud Scheme

By Keith B. French Law |

White-collar crimes like fraud may not seem as serious as violent crimes such as murder or armed robbery. But depending on the nature–and dollar amount–of the fraud, a person can face serious felony charges, and potentially decades in prison if convicted. This is especially true when prosecutors can prove the fraud was part of… Read More »

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