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5 Considerations When Choosing A Lawyer

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5 Considerations When Choosing A Lawyer

According to an employment litigation lawyer at Eric Siegel Law, many situations can call for an employment litigation attorney, including harassment, discrimination, wrongfully being terminated, not receiving pay, and more. Many companies have internal systems in place to deal with these situations without seeking outside help. However, some are better than others, and corruption can always occur. For these reasons, sometimes, you need to hire an employment litigation attorney. We’ll explore five considerations to have when choosing one.

  1. The Right Kind of Experience 

For starters, you want to hire an attorney that specifically deals with employment litigation and has plenty of experience under their belts. However, not every case is the same; some cases call for special considerations. For example, dealing with wrongful termination is very different than dealing with sexual harassment. Your job’s nature can also play a role, including whether or not it’s a private company, you’re paid hourly or on a salary, if you’re a contract worker if the job is in the government, etc.

  1. Does the Attorney Have a Proven Track Record 

You want an attorney that can prove they have success winning cases and who hasn’t gotten into trouble—such as being disciplined by the Bar Association. Reading online reviews can be a start, but gathering testimonies from satisfied clients can tell you a lot more. An attorney should never shy away from providing you with references upon request.

  1. Do They Have a Particular Strategy 

A lawyer probably won’t have a fully fleshed-out strategy within the first few minutes of your initial consultation. However, by the end of the first consultation, they should have some ideas on how they can help you. Strategies can also adapt and change, of course, but the correct attorney will have enough experience working on similar cases that they can produce an initial “game plan.”

  1. Does the Attorney’s Schedule and Payment Structure Work

Attorneys can offer different payment structures, including by the hour, on a retainer basis, or even operate under a contingency fee basis—as in, they receive a percentage of the final settlement or court award versus asking you to pay them upfront. Ensure their payment structure matches your budget.

You also want to hire an attorney or law firm with enough time to devote to your case. Explicitly ask them how much time they can devote to your case and what methods of communication you can use to reach them.

  1. Is the Attorney Enthusiastic, Empathetic, and Confident 

You want an attorney who is excited about helping you, empathizes with you, and is confident that they can help you achieve the desired results. Depending upon the elements surrounding your case, it can be months or even a year before everything’s resolved. During this time, you want to work with an attorney eager to assist and confident they can win your case. These five considerations can help a lot when choosing a lawyer.

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