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Monthly Archives: May 2022


Knowing Your Miranda Rights During A Police Interrogation

By Keith B. French Law |

Even if you’ve already received a “Miranda warning” at some point, you may wonder, exactly, “What are my Miranda rights?” On TV, this is the well-known “You have the right to remain silent” talk that accompanies an arrest. In reality, the timing and procedure of a Miranda warning may be more complicated, and sometimes… Read More »

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Defending Against A Fraud Charge In Texas: What You Need To Know

By Keith B. French Law |

Fraud charges are something nobody wants to face, due to the severe consequences involved. What is a fraud charge in Texas, exactly? The term “fraud” is often used as a catch-all to include a number of criminal financial acts. This can include everything from using someone else’s credit card to make a small purchase,… Read More »

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Disorderly Conduct Charges In Texas: What To Know And How To Defend Your Case

By Keith B. French Law |

Disorderly conduct is a criminal charge that most people are familiar with, whether they’ve ever been charged or not. This is because it is a wide-ranging and sometimes vague legal accusation that covers so many acts. Making matters worse, “disorderly conduct” is sometimes a matter of perception. What you may feel was innocent or… Read More »

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Defending Against Motor Vehicle Theft Charges In Texas

By Keith B. French Law |

Vehicle theft is a serious crime in Texas, with serious penalties that can include jail time and fines. Motor vehicle theft under the Texas Penal Code is a state jail felony, and can be punished by six months to 2 years in jail, with fines up to $10,000.00. If the vehicle is worth more… Read More »

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