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Jackson Workplace Asbestos Exposure Lawyer 

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Jackson Workplace Asbestos Exposure Lawyer 

Even if you are generally aware that asbestos is a dangerous material that requires special handling, you may not fully appreciate the risks to your health if you are exposed to asbestos at work. According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), you could inhale miniscule asbestos fibers that lead to serious lung conditions, respiratory disorders, and breathing problems. Plus, almost 40,000 individuals die because of asbestos-related diseases every year, most of whom are employees who were exposed through on-the-job conditions.

Fortunately, Mississippi workers’ compensation laws provide eligible employees with legal options after contracting an occupational disease from asbestos exposure at work. You may qualify for benefits, and our team at Keith B. French Law can assist in obtaining the important financial support you need. Please contact our firm to schedule a free consultation with a Jackson workplace asbestos exposure lawyer today. You might also benefit from reviewing an overview of the relevant laws.

Workers’ Comp Laws Apply to Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos has been recognized as a carcinogen and health hazard for decades, and there are strict regulations established by OSHA and other government agencies. However, many buildings constructed during a certain period did incorporate asbestos for its fire-resistant attributes. When workers in construction and other fields disrupt the material, they can inhale asbestos fibers into the lungs. Over time, the fibers build up into scar-like tissue that leads to numerous respiratory conditions and related health disorders.

Mississippi workers’ compensation laws cover such occupational diseases as:

  • Asbestosis, a chronic lung disease that leads to scarring and inflammation;
  • Mesothelioma, which forms in various body systems and may develop into tumors;
  • Cancers of the lungs, colon, stomach, ovaries, and larynx;
  • Pleural thickening and effusion, which affects the tissues that line the lungs and chest; and
  • Many more. 

Benefits for Eligible Employees 

The state workers’ comp system is one of no-fault, which means you do not need to prove that your employer’s carelessness was responsible for causing an asbestos-related medical condition. Still, you must meet eligibility rules. Generally, you will qualify if you are a covered employee who contracted an occupational disease from on-the-job asbestos exposure.

Keith B. French Law can confirm eligibility and assist with the process, which involves dealing with your employer’s insurance company. Our Jackson workers’ compensation lawyer aims to ensure you obtain full benefits if you suffer an occupational disease because of asbestos exposure at work. You may be entitled to obtain:

  • Amounts for medical care;
  • Total or partial disability, on a permanent or temporary basis; and
  • Death benefits, if you are the surviving family member of a worker who died because of an asbestos-related disease.

Trust a Jackson Workplace Asbestos Exposure Attorney to Assist with Your Claim

If you suffer from an occupational illness due to asbestos exposure at work, it is important to retain experienced legal counsel for assistance with the Mississippi workers’ comp process. To learn more, please call Keith B. French Law at 601-983-2667 or go online to schedule a no-cost consultation at our Jackson office. We can advise you after reviewing your unique circumstances.

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