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Jackson Highway, Roadway & Bridge Worker Injury Lawyer 

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Jackson Highway, Roadway & Bridge Worker Injury Lawyer 

Mississippi highway, roadway, and bridge workers perform their jobs in an extremely hazardous employment environment as they strive to construct and improve our nation’s infrastructure. Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that accidents and injuries are common. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), around 130 people are killed and more than 20,000 employees are injured in incidents related to road and bridge projects every year. While you may realize that you have rights under state workers’ compensation laws, the process can seem overwhelming when you are trying to recover from a work-related medical condition.

If you were hurt while performing your job as a highway, roadway, or bridge worker, you can count on Keith B. French Law to shoulder the legal burdens involved with workers’ comp claims. We are experienced in dealing with insurers and knowledgeable about the laws, so please contact us to learn how we can help. You can contact us to schedule a complimentary case review with a Jackson highway, roadway & bridge workers’ compensation lawyer, but some background information may also be useful.

Overview of Mississippi’s Workers’ Comp System

The FHWA indicates that most workers on road construction projects are hurt after being struck by an object or equipment, slip and falls, overexertion, and related hazards. A key concern is transportation accidents since these employees work in close proximity to heavy traffic, as well as drivers who are often confused by construction-related detours and re-routes.

However, the causes and contributing factors are of less significance in a workers’ comp claim. Mississippi laws are no-fault, so highway, roadway, and bridge employees do not need to show employer negligence to obtain benefits for:

  • Costs of medical care;
  • Lost wages;
  • Permanent or temporary payments for a total or partial disability;
  • Vocational assistance; and
  • Death benefits, which are available to surviving family members. 

Though you do not need to show fault, you must establish that you are a covered worker who was hurt because of job-related tasks or conditions to obtain benefits. Note that a workers’ comp claim is your sole remedy in most cases, though there may be exceptions if you were struck by a negligent motorist.

Steps After a Workplace Injury

Keith B. French Law is in a better position to assist with your claim for benefits if you follow a few To-Do’s after an accident, including:

  • Prompt medical care is essential, so immediately head to the ER, an urgent care facility, or your own physician.
  • Notify your employer about the work-related accident asap.
  • Contact a Jackson highway, roadway, and bridge workers attorney who can advise you with paperwork, medical requirements, discussions with your employer’s insurance company, and other stages of the workers’ comp process.

Get Legal Help from a Jackson Highway, Roadway & Bridge Workers Lawyer

For more information on your options, please call 601-983-2667 or go online to reach Keith B. French Law. We can set up a free consultation at our Jackson offices to review your circumstances and determine how to proceed.

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