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Jackson Airplane Accident Lawyer 

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Jackson Airplane Accident Lawyer

The airline industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the country. These regulations provide the basic foundation for what responsibilities an airline has to its passengers. While plane crashes are rare, they do result in lawsuits against airlines. However, much more frequently we see basic slip and fall lawsuits, falling luggage lawsuits, and injuries caused by turbulence. In this article, we’ll discuss airplane accidents and how they are litigated by our Jackson airplane accident lawyer.

Common types of airline accident injuries 

Aside from death caused by an airplane crash, there are several simpler and less permanent injuries that can be sustained aboard airplanes. These include:

  • Overhead storage accidents – Attendants should ensure that all overhead luggage is secured prior to flight. When they don’t and the luggage falls, injuring a passenger, the airline could be held liable.
  • Beverage cart injuries – Sometimes, passengers are caught in the crossfire of beverage carts. This can result in minor injuries, burn injuries, and more.
  • Slip and fall injuries – Airplanes are premises and the rules of premises liability lawsuits apply to airplanes too. If someone slips and falls due to an obvious danger, a danger caused by the crew, or a danger they should have been aware of, but weren’t, the passenger can recover damages related to the slip and fall.
  • Boarding and deplaning injuries – Passengers are sometimes injured while attempting to board or depart the plane. In cases where the airline is negligent, they are also responsible.
  • Turbulence injuries – Sometimes, turbulence is avoidable. When turbulence occurs, the pilot is expected to ensure passengers are safely in their seats. If injuries occur, it may be the airline’s fault if they failed to ensure passengers were safely in their seats.
  • Medical events aboard airplanes – A recent lawsuit filed against a major airline alleges that the airline crew mistook a passenger’s medical emergency for unruly behavior and failed to render aid. This case is currently the subject of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Airport injury lawsuits

An airport is just like any other type of commercial property and is subject to the same rules. Those who are invited onto the premises are owed a duty of care to ensure their safety. Chances are, that if you are injured on a people mover, a wet floor, or any type of dangerous condition, the airline is responsible.

Airports also occasionally face negligent security lawsuits. In one case, a woman filed a lawsuit after her daughter was attacked by a dog that was supposedly an emotional support animal. While service animals are trained for the purpose of rendering some form of aid, emotional support animals have no such accreditation. The airline is being sued for allowing untrained animals in public areas.

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If you’ve been injured aboard an airline, the Jackson, MS trial attorneys at Keith B. French Law, PLLC can file suit against the negligent party and recover damages related to your injuries. Call today to learn more!

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