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Pearland Taxi Accident Lawyer

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Pearland Taxi Accident Lawyer

Although rideshare services have garnered more attention in recent years, many people still rely on traditional taxicab services to get around town. As a rider, you place your trust in the taxicab company and its driver to get you to your destination safely. But of course, anytime you are in a moving vehicle there is the possibility of an accident.

As a passenger it can be difficult to sort out who is legally responsible for your injuries. An experienced Pearland taxi accident lawyer can help in this regard. Attorney Keith B. French is a qualified Texas civil litigator who has assisted many clients in pursuing insurance claims and lawsuits arising from preventable auto accidents.

Determining Comparative Fault for a Taxicab Accident in Texas

A key legal concept in any Texas personal injury case is “comparative fault.” In simple terms, this means that when there is a lawsuit arising from an accident, the role of the jury (or the judge) is to apportion fault among all of the potentially responsible parties. In many cases this means the plaintiff–the person bringing the lawsuit–may be held partially responsible, which can limit or bar their ability to recover compensation.

When it comes to a taxi accident this is rarely a consideration for the injured passenger. After all, the passenger was not driving any of the vehicles involved, so it is highly unlikely that they would be held liable for a collision. But legal complications can still arise as to whether the taxicab driver or another driver was at-fault. The insurance companies for the respective drivers may decide to battle it out over who will pay a claim. And the injured passenger may need to sue both parties in order to ensure they receive proper compensation from somebody. (Indeed, the defendants may also end up cross-suing each other over who will pay the victim.)

Other potential legal issues may arise over issues with the taxicab company itself. For instance, if the company hired a driver who was unqualified–i.e., they lacked a valid license or had a history of DWI convictions–that can affect questions of liability for an accident. Similarly, if the taxicab itself was not properly maintained or services, that may have played a role in a crash.

Because of these potential complications, it is important for taxi passengers to remain aware and take appropriate steps to document the accident at the scene. It is always advisable to call 911 and ask for emergency responders. If possible, it is also a good idea to take pictures of the accident with a smartphone camera and take down the names and contact information of any witnesses who might have seen what happened.

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If you are injured while riding in a taxicab, you cannot rely on the cab company or its insurance company to look out for your best interests. You need to work with a skilled Pearland taxi accident lawyer whose only fiduciary duty is to you and your interests. Contact Keith B. French Law, PLLC, today to schedule an initial consultation.

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