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Pearland Inadequate/Negligent Security Lawyer

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Pearland Inadequate/Negligent Security Lawyer

Businesses and other private property owners are not legally required to absolutely guarantee the safety of their patrons or invited guests. But a property owner can be held responsible if their failure to provide adequate security leads to a foreseeable injury. For example, if a store owner knows there is a history of violent robberies in their neighborhood yet fails to provide any security–or at least warn customers of the danger–they could be sued for damages if someone else is robbed or injured.

If you have been injured by a criminal act on someone else’s property, a Pearland inadequate/negligent security lawyer can help you determine the premises owner’s potential liability. Attorney Keith B. French is an experienced Texas litigator who has represented many clients in successfully pursuing personal injury claims. He can help you in figuring out your next steps following an injury brought about by an attack or other criminal act.

When Are Property Owners Liable for Criminal Acts in Texas?

Again, it is important to emphasize that a property owner is not automatically responsible for every third-party criminal act that may occur on their premises. Texas law looks to whether or not a particular threat was foreseeable, and if so, whether the property owner took reasonable steps to ensure the safety of those persons lawfully entitled to be on the premises. This includes taking basic measures to ensure public safety.

In some cases, inadequate or negligent security may be something as simple as failing to keep a parking lot or stairway properly lit, thus making it easier for someone to conceal themselves just before committing a crime. In the context of a bar or nightclub, in contrast, the owner can be sued if they failed to hire or train enough bouncers to protect patrons and a fight breaks out. Landlords also have certain legal obligations to ensure the safety and security of their own tenants, such as by ensuring all units have adequate locks and safety latches.

Negligent and inadequate security claims also frequently turn on conditions in the neighborhood. If an area has no recent history of robberies or assaults, for instance, a property owner is less likely to be held responsible by a court if one does occur. But if there has been a recent string of criminal acts in an area, that can put all property owners “on notice” that they need to redouble their efforts to keep people safe.

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Personal injury claims based on negligent or inadequate security are highly dependent on the specific facts of a case. You should never assume that a property owner will compensate you for a third-party criminal act. Instead you should work with a qualified Pearland inadequate/negligent security lawyer who can review the facts of your case and advise you on what steps to take moving forward. So if you need to speak with an attorney right away, contact Keith B. French Law, PLLC, to schedule a free consultation.

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