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Jackson Workplace Slip & Fall Lawyer 

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Jackson Workplace Slip & Fall Lawyer 

You may not think that Mississippi workplace slip and fall accidents could lead to serious harm, so statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may come as a shock. There are more than 700 work-related fatalities reported every year that are caused by slip and falls, and hundreds of other employees suffer injuries. Besides the physical pain, victims incur costly medical bills and lost wages from missing work. These losses hit hard, so it is reassuring to know that state workers’ compensation laws provide critical financial support during difficult times. 

However, the legal process after an on-the-job slip and fall accident can be complicated. You could miss out on important benefits by representing yourself, so count on Keith B. French Law to advocate on your behalf. You can contact our office to schedule a free case evaluation with a  Jackson workplace slip & fall lawyer, but some basics about the causes and description of benefits may be informative.

Workplace Conditions That Cause Slip and Falls

The exact factors that lead to these accidents will vary by industry, but the truth is that slips, trips, and falls can happen to any employee regardless of job description. These incidents are often the result of:

  • Spills, debris, and unsecured flooring;
  • Loose cords for equipment, computers, tools, and other gear;
  • Collecting dust on floors, often a result of certain machinery or operations;
  • Improperly erected or maintained scaffolding, ladders, and platform structures;
  • Lack of guardrails, railings, and other fall protection; and
  • Many more.

Regardless of the underlying causes, keep in mind that you do not need to prove that your employer was negligent to recover workers’ comp benefits. However, the no-fault system does require you to show that you are a covered employee who suffered injuries in a work-related slip and fall accident while performing job-related tasks.

Steps in the Workers’ Compensation Process

If you suffered injuries in a slip, trip, or fall incident at work, your first priority is seeking appropriate medical attention. Then, notify your employer about the accident to preserve your rights to workers’ comp benefits. Our Jackson workplace slip and fall attorney will deal with the insurer to ensure you obtain the amounts you deserve by law. If the insurance company refuses to pay, our next step is taking your case before the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission.

The team at Keith B. French Law strives to recover workers’ comp benefits for:

  • All medical costs reasonably necessary to treat your injuries;
  • Wage replacement for time off work;
  • Total or partial disability benefits, on a permanent or temporary basis;
  • Vocational assistance; and
  • Death benefits, if someone close to you was killed in a slip and fall incident.

Consult with a Jackson Workplace Slip & Fall Attorney Today

While this information about the Mississippi workers’ comp process is helpful, there are many additional details you need to know to get the benefits you deserve. To learn more about our legal services, please call 601-983-2667 or go online to reach Keith B. French Law. We can set up a complimentary case review to learn more about your circumstances and discuss strategy.

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