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Jackson Workplace Head & Brain Injury Lawyer

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Jackson Workplace Head & Brain Injury Lawyer

While head and brain injuries make up just a small percentage of the total Mississippi workplace injuries that occur every year, they are a major cause of death and disability in the US. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that there are almost 80,000 recordable cases that lead to days away from work for the employee who suffers head injuries. The implications may be as minor as a mild concussion, but the consequences of head and brain injuries at work could involve permanent brain damage or death.

The wide range of ramifications is what makes these cases so complex when seeking monetary benefits under Mississippi’s workers’ compensation system. To avoid delays and denials with the process, count on our attorney at Keith B. French Law. We are tough in dealing with insurers and are prepared to take next steps to protect your rights. Please contact us to set up a free case review with a Jackson workplace head & brain injury lawyer, but you might also find an overview to be useful.

Common Causes of Head and Brain Injuries at Work 

It is true that on-the-job head trauma occurs more frequently in such industries as construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics, although any work-related accident can cause harm to employees. The most common causes of head and brain injuries prove that many workers are at risk, as they include:

  • Falls, slips, and trips;
  • Getting struck by a falling object;
  • Transportation accidents; and
  • Being caught between objects.

Mississippi workers’ comp laws were enacted to provide benefits for employees who suffer from head and brain injuries at work. You do not need evidence that your employer caused the accident, but you do need to qualify under eligibility rules. It is also critical to notify your employer about your injuries right away, or at least within 30 days after the incident. Your employer will forward your claim to its workers’ compensation insurer for processing. The insurance company may approve and pay benefits promptly, but it could also deny your claim or set up other obstacles.

Challenges in the Mississippi Workers’ Comp Process

Insurers frequently contest workers’ comp claims for workplace head and brain injuries, often by alleging that the trauma does not require treatment or days off work. The team at Keith B. French Law is prepared to address these issues and overcome challenges in the process. Our Jackson workers’ compensation lawyer will fight to make sure you obtain monetary benefits for:

  • Your medical costs now and expenses for treatment in the future;
  • Wage replacement if you missed work;
  • Permanent and temporary payments for total or partial disability; and
  • Death benefits for surviving family members.

Count on a Jackson Workplace Head and Brain Injuries Attorney to Assist with Your Claim

If you suffered head or brain injuries in a work-related accident, please contact Keith B. French Law to speak to our attorney. You can schedule a no-cost consultation at our Jackson, MS office by calling 601-983-2667 or via our website. After assessing your circumstances, we can advise you on options.

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