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Jackson Workplace Electrical Shock Lawyer

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Jackson Workplace Electrical Shock Lawyer

Though electrocution may not be the biggest on-the-job threat to employees in every industry in Mississippi, there are other statistics on electrical shocks at work that are cause for concern. The US Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) lists electrocution as one of the “Fatal Four” injuries in construction that are most likely to lead to death. On average, 121 construction workers are killed every year in electrical-related accidents. Thousands of others may survive electrocution, but they will still require intense medical treatment and be forced to take days off.

The Mississippi workers’ compensation system was designed to provide monetary benefits for employees injured on the job, including victims of electrical shock. The process for filing a claim can be complex, so allow our lawyer at Keith B. French Law to tackle the essential tasks. Please contact our office to set up a complimentary consultation with a Jackson workplace electrocution lawyer who can offer personalized advice, but an overview on electrocution injuries at work may be helpful.

Workers’ Comp Laws and Electrical Shocks

State workers’ comp laws cover employees who are electrocuted at work, and these incidents are common among electricians, construction workers, electrical power installers, repairers, and earth drillers. Individuals in these occupations may sustain shock or electrocution from:

  • Inadequate wiring, such as extension cords that are not suitable for certain purposes;
  • Overloaded circuits that can catch fire as the load creates heat;
  • Coming into contact with ground faults from open circuits;
  • Power lines, both overhead and underground;
  • Live parts on electrical equipment; and
  • Temporary wiring that is not to be permanent and is more prone to damage in the short term.

Still, regardless of the causes or underlying reasons for electrical shock at work, you do not need to prove that your employer was at fault. Mississippi’s workers’ comp laws protect covered employees who are injured while performing work-related tasks, so you may qualify for a range of benefits depending on your circumstances.

Benefits Under Mississippi’s Workers’ Comp System

Electric shock may involve minor injuries like tingling and numbness, but electrocution can also have major consequences for the central nervous system. Serious injuries include seizure, respiratory arrest, and memory loss, and there may be permanent damage to the nerves and brain. Considering the short- and long-term implications, our Jackson workers’ compensation attorney at Keith B. French Law will pursue all possible monetary benefits. You may qualify for:

  • Coverage of medical costs, including current treatment and reasonably necessary future care;
  • Wage replacement for days missed;
  • Total or partial disability payments, on a permanent or temporary basis; and,
  • Death benefits, if you lost a family member because of an electric shock accident. 

Consult with Our Jackson Workplace Electrocution Lawyer About Your Options

At Keith B. French Law, our attorney has extensive experience and skills representing clients in connection with workers’ comp claims. We can assist in getting full monetary benefits available by law, so please contact our Jackson, MS offices right away. You can schedule a free case assessment by calling 601-983-2667 or going online.

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