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Jackson Product Liability Lawyer

When you purchase household goods, children’s toys, food, furniture, appliances, clothing, and many other consumer products, you expect that these items will be safe for their intended use in your Mississippi home. Disturbing data from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reveals otherwise, as defective products cause around 29.4 million injuries and more than 21,000 fatalities every year. Government officials may issue recalls to remove these items from store shelves, but they still remain in homes and businesses. Plus, there are millions of consumer products available that can be equally dangerous without a recall.

Injured victims have legal options under Mississippi products liability laws, which hold companies accountable when items are dangerous due to flaws. It is possible to recover compensation for your losses, and our team at Keith B. French Law will guide you through the legal requirements. Please contact us to schedule a free case assessment with a Jackson product liability lawyer, and check out some general information about your rights. 

Summary of Florida Product Liability Laws

Negligence is behind most personal injuries, and it is a theory of liability that you can pursue after being injured by a defective product. However, there can be challenges in proving fault with a negligence claim. Therefore, most product liability claims are based upon:

  • Strict Liability: An injured victim does not need to show fault, but you will need to prove details regarding the defect and that you suffered losses. Strict liability can be defeated with evidence that you did not use the product as intended.
  • Breach of Warranty: When a company expressly or impliedly promises that a good is suitable for a certain purpose, injured victims can sue for breach of warranty if it fails to meet this standard.

Note that many product liability cases proceed as class actions when a defect causes injuries to a group of victims who suffer similar losses. 

Compensation for Victims Injured by Defective Products

Our Jackson product liability attorney will proceed with your claim based upon all applicable legal theories to ensure you receive fair monetary damages for your losses. You may be entitled to amounts for medical care required to treat your injuries, pain and suffering, and other compensation as allowed by Mississippi law.

Keith B. French Law handles product liability claims related to:

  • Defects in manufacturing, which affect a lot or series of items that are faulty because of the production process;
  • Design flaws that impact the entire line of consumer products, because a mistake is at the core of developing them; and
  • Labelling errors, such as failing to warn about inherent dangers on the product’s packaging.

Consult with a Jackson Product Liability Lawyer About Your Options

Though it is good to know that Mississippi law provides you with legal options after being injured by a dangerous, defective product, you should trust our team at Keith B. French Law to help pursue them. For more information about your remedies, please call 832-243-6153 or go online to schedule a free consultation at our Jackson, MS office.

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