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Jackson Inadequate/Negligent Security Lawyer

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Jackson Inadequate/Negligent Security Lawyer 

What is negligent security? The law presumes that all property owners, especially those who are invited onto the property for the financial benefit of the property owner, are owed a duty of care to ensure that they are safe. Negligent security lawsuits argue that the landlord or property owner failed in their duty of care and that someone was injured as a result of that failure. In this article, we’ll take a look at different types of negligent security lawsuits and how our Jackson inadequate/negligent security lawyer can help.

Landlord liability and negligent security

Gated communities, senior homes, large residential complexes, and even single-family homes are required to have functioning locks and security features to prevent someone from randomly accessing the property. In one lawsuit, gunmen were allowed to access a building in which a door accessing the stairwell was propped open. Security never addressed the issue and someone was harmed. The landlord was held liable for failing to adequately secure the inside of the residential facility. If someone comes into your residence and attacks you, the landlord can be held liable when they failed to adequately secure the premises.

Bar, club, and entertainment negligent security

Bars, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment events also have a duty of care to ensure those who access the property for entertainment are kept safe. In one example from Jacksonville, where a shooter attacked a number of people after losing in a Madden tournament. While the game tournament could not have predicted an active shooter situation, Jacksonville Landing, where the shooting took place, had several code violations that made escaping the active shooter much more difficult.

In other cases, bars can be held liable when there is cause to believe violence can happen on the premises and the bar or club provides little or no security to protect their patrons.

Overview of negligent security lawsuits

Negligent security is a premises liability claim in which the plaintiff argues that a foreseeable incident of violence went unaddressed by the property owner. For example, if a club has a number of incidents of violence, a personal injury lawyer can use records of calls made by club-goers concerning incidents. This can provide the basis for a negligent security claim as the violence, by precedent, was foreseeable and unaddressed.

The question of foreseeability is often the most crucial point a plaintiff will need to prove. If the violence was not foreseeable, or the first act of reported violence on the premises, then the club owner may not be liable at all.

How Do I Know if My Negligent Security Lawsuit Will Succeed?

If you can prove that the landlord or property owner had cause to know their premises were prone to violent fights or other violence, you can argue they knew and failed to address the matter. The Jackson, MS negligent security lawyers at Keith B. French Law, PLLC can help build your case, and recover damages for your injuries.

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