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Jackson Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Prescription and non-prescription drugs are considered products. That means they fall under product liability. Unless you used the drug unsafely, you are entitled to recover damages if you are injured. In this article, we’ll discuss lawsuits against drug companies and how our Jackson dangerous drugs lawyer can help.

Types of dangerous drug lawsuits 

There are many types of dangerous drug lawsuits, but three complaints make up the majority of claims against drug companies:

  • The first claim is that the drug has some dangerous side effects that doctors were not made aware of prior to the drug reaching the stream of commerce.
  • The second claim involves drugs that have manufacturing contaminants that cause injuries.
  • Lastly, a drug company can be sued for failing to warn doctors or patients about a potential side effect or risk factor of their drug.

Opioid drug lawsuits

Opioid companies are alleged to have misled doctors concerning the addictiveness of their latest-generation opioids, even encouraging doctors to prescribe the medication and in some cases, looking the other way while their shipments were diverted to pill mills. Criminal charges have been filed against executives and millions of lives have been destroyed through their nefarious marketing campaign. In this case, the companies are accused of not only failing to warn, but marketing their product falsely.

GlaxoSmithKline lawsuits

GlaxoSmithKline has the dubious distinction of losing the largest lawsuit against a pharmaceutical manufacturer. They are alleged to have falsified reports, misled doctors, and failed to report data relating to Wellbutrin, Paxil, and Avandia. Avandia specifically is a troubling instance because GSK was convicted of concealing concerns about congestive heart failure. They were taxed an extra $3 billion for concealing negative outcomes related to their drugs, with an estimated $2 billion just for civil lawsuits.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals lawsuits

Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda hid concerns that their diabetes medication cause bladder cancer. The drugmaker recently announced a $2.5 billion settlement to resolve claims related to the fact that they hid this data from doctors and the public.

The Zostavax lawsuits 

Zostavax is facing lawsuits related to its shingles vaccine. Some claim that shortly after taking the vaccine, they mysteriously developed shingles. The lawsuit is currently testing cases in various venues with plaintiffs winning the first lawsuit and the second lawsuit going to Zostavax.

Johnson & Johnson talcum lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson is facing several lawsuits related to their baby or talcum powder accusing the company of failing to refine the talcum powder properly or completely. Talcum powder is a slippery and soft substance that is used for several reasons, most notably, to keep your private areas dry. Women especially accuse the company of failing to refine the talcum enough, allowing asbestos to make its way into the talcum, and resulting in various forms of cancer.

Talk to a Jackson, MS Dangerous Drug Lawyer Today

Drug injury lawsuits are filed under a theory of product liability, but often, drug companies hide data that may indicate their product is dangerous. This results in punitive damages being awarded to the plaintiffs and drug companies forking over an extra billion to handle settlements. If you’ve been injured by a dangerous drug, an off-label use, or believe your condition is related to the use of a specific drug, call Keith B. French Law, PLLC today and discuss the matter with a trained litigator.

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