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Jackson Burn Injury Lawyer

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Jackson Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are some of the most excruciating, agonizing forms of bodily injury a person can suffer, and statistics reveal that these unfortunate incidents are more common than you think. The American Burn Association reports that more than 485,000 people receive medical treatment for burns every year, with 40,000 of them being hospitalized because of the trauma, infection, and other medical complications. It is reassuring to know that the survival rate for burn injuries is 96.8 percent, but the scarring, physical pain, and other losses for a victim are significant.

Considering the extreme nature of burns and resulting losses, it is critical that you take action when your injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence. Mississippi law provides you with legal remedies, and our attorneys at Keith B. French Law will be at your side to help pursue them. Please contact our firm to schedule a free case assessment with a Jackson burn injury lawyer, and check out some important legal information.

Causes and Types of Burn Injuries

Burns can range significantly in terms of severity, from the first-degree injuries that are similar to a sunburn to the third-degree burns that penetrate the dermis, epidermis, and tissues underneath the skin. There are multiple sources of burns that may be present in various types of accidents; injuries can result from exposure to thermal heat, chemicals, radiation, electricity, and friction. Our Jackson burn injury attorney handles claims stemming from:

  • Car accidents;
  • Truck collisions, particularly those involving hazardous chemicals that cause burns;
  • Motorcycle crashes, in which “road rash” is a common form of abrasion burn;
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents;
  • Incidents that occur due to dangerous conditions on property;
  • Workplace accidents; and
  • Medical malpractice, including overexposure to radiation through cancer treatment.

Liability for Burn Injuries

Regardless of the specific underlying causes, accidents are typically the result of negligence. This legal concept requires you to prove that the at-fault party breached the legal duty to exercise reasonable care, so an extensive investigation and solid evidence are essential.

The Keith B. French Law team will guide you through the legal process, starting with filing an insurance claim. We will advocate on your behalf during discussions with the insurer, but we are ready to go to court if the insurance company refuses to pay fair, reasonable monetary damages. It is our goal to ensure you receive full compensation for your losses, including:

  • Costs for skin graft surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, pain medications, and other medical care;
  • Lost income and future earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Scarring and disfigurement, a particular concern with burn injuries;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Diminished quality of life; and
  • Losses that impact your personal relationships.

You Can Rely on a Jackson Burn Injury Lawyer for Legal Help

To learn more about your remedies and the legal process after suffering burn injuries, please contact Keith B. French Law. You can call 832-243-6153 or visit us online to set up a complimentary consultation at our offices in Jackson, MS. After we review your unique circumstances, we can develop a strategy for recovering compensation.

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