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Robbery Lawyer Houston, TX

Robbery Lawyer Houston, TXIf you were recently involved in a robbery, then you may be looking to a Houston, TX robbery lawyer for help. There are varying charges you may face in a robbery case, and they depend on a multitude of factors. Working with an experienced attorney can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the case. Contact Keith B. French Law, PLLC for help today.

Types of Robbery

Robbery is part of three different legal definitions that involve taking something that belongs to someone else. Burglary is when a person steals while on another person’s property (i.e. a property crime). For example, if someone breaks into your home to steal your television, that is a burglary. Theft is when a person’s property is stolen, but it is not located on the owner’s premises; for example, if you leave your laptop at a coffee shop and return to find it gone, that is theft. Finally, robbery is when another person is involved in the act of stealing, and robbery falls under the violent crime category. An example of this many people are all too familiar with would be a mugging.

Within a robbery, there are further classifications that must be explored: armed, aggravated, bank, highway, and carjacking. An armed robbery is exactly what it sounds like — someone steals something from someone else and uses a weapon to threaten violence if they are not able to steal the item. Aggravated robbery refers to when multiple people are involved in stealing the item; these people are accomplices only if they knew what was happening. A bank robbery is when someone steals from a bank, and this is the least common type of robbery currently. Highway robbery refers to a robbery committed against travelers normally somewhere near a highway. Finally, carjacking is when someone steals someone else’s car.

Depending on what was stolen, how it was stolen, and who was involved, you could be facing serious charges. Contact a Houston robbery lawyer for help immediately to better understand your case.

Robbery Classification

In order for a robbery to be classified as such, it must meet these main criteria:

  • A person stole property belonging to another person
  • A person stole something belonging to someone else in the presence of that person
  • A person stole through violence, threats, or some sort of intimidation
  • A person intended to take something from someone permanently

Most robberies happen on the street or highway. That is followed by a residence, then a business. Convenience stores and banks experience the least amount of stealing. No matter the location, if one of the criteria above is not met in a case, then the act of stealing is not classified as a robbery and would then fall into the other categories mentioned such as theft or burglary.

Contact a Lawyer

The facts stated above are just a few small examples of the complexity that go into a robbery case. If you are facing any sort of robbery charges, then it is recommended to contact a Houston robbery lawyer at Keith B. French Law, PLLC for help today.

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