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Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Houston, TX

Gavel on a desk in front of a judge holding a document from a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Houston, TXIf you need legal representation regarding a domestic violence charge, contact an experienced Houston, TX domestic violence defense lawyer at Keith B. French Law PLLC today.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence can be described as a pattern of behavior in a relationship marked by abuse of one individual by another. Domestic violence often occurs to gain control, or power over someone, often a partner, friend, or family member.

What are some examples of domestic violence?

Common examples of domestic violence include:

Physical abuse

Physical abuse occurs with the use of force against a victim. Punching, hitting, slapping, biting, and hair-pulling are all examples of physical abuse. The denial of an individual’s medical care can also be classified as physical abuse.

Sexual abuse

The coercion or attempt of coercion of an individual to perform or consent to sexual activity or behavior is considered sexual abuse. A few examples of sexual abuse include forcing sexual activity after physical abuse, marital rape, and sexual violence toward parts of a victim’s body.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse occurs when a victim’s self-esteem and self-worth are attacked. Examples of emotional abuse include name-calling, insults, damaging words, and verbal assault.

Psychological abuse

Psychological abuse is marked by fear, intimidation, and isolation of a victim. The act or threat of harming a victim, their loved ones, pets, and place of work is all considered psychological abuse.

Economic abuse

Economic abuse occurs when a victim is forced to or restrained from their own economic resources. When an individual denies a victim of their own autonomy concerning their financial information, money, assets, and credit they seek control for their own personal gain. Financial exploitation is an example of economic abuse.

Technological abuse

With the rise of technology comes heightened abuse in the form of online harassment, stalking, imitation, and exploitation. Individuals may wish to control victims through forms of technology. Phones, computers, cameras, apps, and location devices are all sources where the technological abuse of a victim can occur.

Those who have been charged with domestic violence charges should contact a Houston domestic violence defense lawyer as soon as possible. Although the state may offer a public defense lawyer, those facing criminal charges should be encouraged to find an attorney whom they trust, and who will have the bandwidth needed to successfully work the case.

Public defenders are often skilled attorneys but typically have a large caseload with many clients. Those seeking a defense against a domestic violence charge should find an attorney who not only has the time and energy for their case, but the experience necessary for it.

Individuals facing a domestic violence charge should be considered innocent until proven guilty by a judge or jury. An experienced domestic violence defense lawyer can do their best to lessen their client’s sentence, lower fines, and potentially drop the charges altogether. Clients should have realistic expectations regarding their case’s outcome but remain hopeful that their criminal defense lawyer will work hard for their future. Contact a Houston domestic violence defense lawyer today at Keith B. French Law PLLC.

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