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Birth Injury Lawyer Houston, TX

Birth Injury Lawyer Houston, TXIf you recently gave birth and experienced complications with the process, then you need to contact a Houston, TX birth injury lawyer for help. Bringing a baby into the world is a wonderful, joyous time, but it is still a complicated medical act. Sometimes, problems can occur that can cause permanent damage to you or your child — and these problems are often due to someone else’s negligence on your medical team. Contact Keith B. French Law, PLLC for more information. 

Causes of Birth Injuries

From a medical standpoint, there are many causes of injuries during the birthing process such as:

  • Babies that are very large
  • Babies that are born too early
  • The shape of the mother’s pelvis which prevents a natural, healthy delivery
  • An extremely difficult labor
  • Labor that takes longer than it should
  • Babies that are born in strange positions

However, from a medical malpractice stand point, some causes of injuries are:

  • Hospital procedures that are not followed
  • Medical staff not recognizing common issues that then become complications
  • Mishandling of babies and moms during labor
  • Improper treatment after the birth

Types of Birth Injuries

Sometimes, when a baby is born, the group of nerves attached to the arms and legs are injured. This can be caused due to the position the baby is born in, but it can also be caused by mishandling of the baby during the birthing process by medical staff. With this sort of injury, your baby will not be able to properly move their hands and arms. Best case scenario, your child recovers in a few months after the swelling around the nerves goes down. Worst case scenario, the nerves were torn and now suffer permanent damage, which a Houston birth injury lawyer can help you get compensation for.

Unfortunately, nerve damage is a very big problem for babies. Nerves in the face may also become damaged during childbirth. Just as the nerves in the arms and hands should heal, so should the facial nerves. However, if they are torn, there can be permanent damage — or at the very least a complicated surgery to repair them.

Another very common injury is simply bruising. Birthing a child is not an easy process, and sometimes bruising may occur. Normally, the bruises will go away on their own, but if they persist you should see a doctor to determine if something is wrong. Babies also experience fractures during the birthing process. These too should heal on their own and go away, but if a more serious break occurs, then something did not go right and compensation should be pursued for damages. 

Contact a Lawyer

If your baby suffers from chronic problems due to difficulties at birth, then you should contact a lawyer. While there are times where injuries happen naturally, there are also times where medical malpractice occurs, and babies are harmed when their injuries could have been completely preventable. If you know your medical team mishandled your labor or suspect something bad happened, contact a Houston birth injury lawyer at Keith B. French Law, PLLC today for help with your case.

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