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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Houston, TX

Cyclists using the bike lane before needing a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Houston, TXIf you or a loved one have experienced such an event, contact a Houston, TX bicycle accident lawyer, and start your journey toward justice, accountability, and compensation with Keith B. French Law LPPC.

There are many reasons why bicycle accidents may happen. The following are a few common reasons why bicycle accidents occur:

Bicycle accidents happen due to distraction

Accidents can take place when the bicycle driver or another person is distracted. For example, if an individual is walking across the street unaware of oncoming traffic, they may fail to see a bicycle approaching quickly. If the pedestrian is not in a designated crosswalk, they would be at fault in the event of a collision. If however, the pedestrian was walking within a designated crosswalk, the bicyclist would be held accountable for hitting them. Bicycle drivers can easily become distracted by scenery, traffic, animals, and any music or podcasts they are listening to. Just as a driver of a car has to be aware of what is happening around them, so does a bicyclist. Being aware of your surroundings is critical to remaining safe in a car, as well as on a bicycle.

Bicycle accidents occur because of mechanical problems within the bike

Bicycles are made up of chains, bolts, wires, petals, tires, and large pieces of metal. If there is a malfunction with a part of the bicycle, the ability to operate it safely may be compromised. For example, if a bicyclist is on the road, and the bike’s brakes go out, they may have difficulty stopping their bicycle safely on the road. This could lead to a potential accident involving them, and other innocent bystanders. A faulty bicycle can be extremely dangerous for the driver, as well as everyone else on the road.

Bicycle accidents can be a result of road sharing

The road is meant to be shared between cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and trucks. However, some individuals do not feel as though the road should be shared, especially with bicycles. This can cause friction and hostility on the road between various drivers. Rather than share the road, some take drastic measures to ensure that bicycles are unwelcome on the road, causing accidents.

Bicycle accidents sometimes happen due to blind spots on vehicles

Cars and big trucks can have large blind spots which inhibit the driver’s ability to see around them properly. Bicyclists should be aware that they may be in a car or truck’s blind spot, and therefore in a dangerous position for a potential accident to occur. All it takes is a quick movement or turn of a car or truck to accidentally hit a bicycle. If an accident occurs, the bicyclist typically suffers more severe injuries than those in a car or truck.

In the event of a traumatic event such as a bicycle accident, contact a Houston bicycle accident lawyer with years of experience, and success at Keith B. French Law PLLC. Pursuing legal action can seem intimidating but with the right representation, you can feel supported and empowered. Contact a Houston bicycle accident lawyer today!

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