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Career Consequences Of A DWI Conviction In Texas

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Career Consequences Of A DWI Conviction In Texas


Driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas is a serious crime with equally serious penalties. Punishment for even a first offense includes jail time, fines, and driver’s license suspension. Under Texas law, if a person is intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle in a public place, they can be subject to arrest and prosecution. Once an arrest happens and legal proceedings begin, it can be challenging for a Defendant to fight the charge in court without quality legal representation.

In addition to the prospect of a lengthy jail sentence and hefty court fines, individuals convicted of DWI in Texas can face long-term damage to their personal lives and careers. Some career impacts include:

  1. Loss of Employment

A DWI arrest usually involves an initial stay in jail followed by administrative proceedings to suspend your driver’s license (in addition to the pending criminal case). This usually involves missed work in the short and long term, if you are required to drive to get to your job (or as part of your job). Some employers, meanwhile, might terminate an employee once they learn of a DWI arrest. Missing work to attend court appearances, rehab, or meetings with probation officers can also affect a person’s employment and ability to maintain their current jobs.

  1. Loss of Future Employment

Serving a jail sentence and having your license suspended or revoked will have obvious impacts on your ability to secure a new job. Having a criminal conviction on your record might also keep you from being considered for jobs in certain sectors, such as government or health care. Additionally – right or wrong – many employers could consider a DWI conviction to reflect poorly on an applicant’s character or trustworthiness.

  1. Issues with Academics and Education

For those attending school or applying to colleges, a DWI conviction can lead to suspension, expulsion, or denial of admission. Colleges and universities administer their own disciplinary rules. These can include codes of conduct regarding drinking and other behaviors. A DWI arrest and subsequent conviction will almost always get the attention of school administrators, potentially leading to problems with a student’s academic career.

  1. Impact on Professional Licenses

For those working in fields such as healthcare, nursing, teaching, or law, they are required to acquire and maintain certain professional licenses. With these licenses usually come codes of conducts and oaths to uphold. Criminal offenses such as DWI often breach these codes and can lead to suspension of a professional license (and subsequent problems with employment). Avoiding conviction, at least, can help a person make the case that their professional license should be upheld. 

For any of the reasons above, it is critical for DWI defendants in Texas to mount a strong and detailed defense to the charges against them. Avoiding a conviction or guilty plea can make an impact on a person’s career – short term and long term. An experienced Texas criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the legal process and work toward a fair resolution to the case.

Fight For Your Rights – And Your Career – After a DWI Arrest

A DWI arrest doesn’t mean you need to give up and face all of the severe consequences to your life and career. Our legal team at Keith B. French Law will review all details of your case, including the prosecution’s evidence and the circumstances supporting your defense. Contact our Pearland DWI/DUI lawyers today for help.


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