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Barnett Reservoir Boating Accident Lawyer

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Barnett Reservoir Boating Accident Lawyer

Those who go up to Barnett Reservoir for fun and recreation expect that the other boaters who share the waters will treat them with consideration in respect. While that doesn’t always occur, boaters who negligently injure others are responsible for their injuries. In this article, we’ll discuss Barnett Reservoir boating accidents and how our Barnett Reservoir boating accident lawyer can help an injured party recover damages related to their lost wages, medical expenses, and reduced quality of life.

Why do boating accidents happen?

Boating accidents happen generally due to carelessness. Boaters fail to follow safety rules, break speed limits, boat while under the influence, or violate “no wake” restrictions in certain areas. When a boater violates any of the rules and causes an accident that results in injury, the boater is liable for the injuries. The boat accident attorneys at Keith B. French Law can help injured parties recover money to pay for past and future medical expenses, any wages lost as a result of the accident, and any quality of life issues that may result from the injury.

Commercial boating accidents and crew injuries

The Jones Act allows injured seamen to sue their employers under specific conditions. Such lawsuits are generally not allowed by Mississippi State Law, but the fact that an accident occurred on international waters matters for jurisdictional purposes.

Jet ski and small craft accidents

Small craft and jet ski accidents occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the rental equipment is faulty, leading to injury. When rental companies fail to maintain their crafts or are otherwise negligent in renting their jet skis, the injured party may be able to file a lawsuit against the rental company.

Yachting accidents

If you can afford a yacht, you can also afford the training necessary to properly operate it. Large vessels, much like big rigs, are harder to stop and turn. Those maneuvering the yacht should not be drinking while they’re doing it, speeding, and should ensure the vessel is seaworthy.

Tour boat accidents

Fewer incidents are more tragic than tour boat accidents. Once every few years, you’ll hear about a poorly-maintained tour boat capsizing while carrying passengers. The passengers generally don’t survive the incident unless rescue crews can respond immediately. Such incidents end up being major lawsuits against the tour company that failed to maintain its boat in seaworthy condition.

Cruise ship injuries

Cruise ship vessels are considered “floating cities” which gives you some idea of the size of these vessels. While cruise ships don’t generally sink, premises liability actions such as slips and falls, sexual assault, or other dangers can result in lawsuits. Sexual assault remains one of the largest complaints against the cruise industry. Additionally, their onboard doctors often underdiagnose patients with serious medical conditions resulting in tragedy.

Talk to a Barnett Reservoir Boating Accident Attorney

Keith B. French Law, PLLC can help injured boaters file lawsuits against negligent parties. Our attorneys have experience filing maritime lawsuits under The Jones Act or simple negligence lawsuits against small craft owners. Call today to schedule a free consultation and allow us to begin preparing your case immediately.

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